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Zodark, the Cybernetic Revenant (Formerly Zodark, the Precept Keeper)
Vital statistics
Title The Cybernetic Revenant (Formerly The Precept Keeper)
Gender Male
Genesis Type(s) Icon type cyber Icon type necro
Planet none (Actions Wide-Spread)
Created Heroes Ristor, the Dawn Warrior, Corvus, the Umburian Raptor
Assigned Heroes SRS-42 the Missile Commander, Revenant: Deathraider of the Stars, Skar: Shadow of Death

Zodark, also called the Cybernetic Revenant, is a Crogenitor that survived the Corrupter's attacks and took part in the Crogenitor Insurgency against the Darkspore. Zodark specialized in Cyber and Necro Heroes. He used Revenant, Skar, and SRS-42 frequently.

He also will take individuals from any planet to be his heroes and won't necessarilly keep those heroes in their own genesis type. For example, he took Ristor from Cryos, home of Plasma Genesis, and turned him into a Cyber hero, as well as Corvus from Verdanth and made him a Necro Hero.


  • Zodiark is not a Genetic Hero, but a Crogenitor. He is also not a Destructor, being as he is not transfected with Darkspore E-DNA. He is User:IceBite's representation of the Crogenitor Main Character from Darkspore.
  • Zodark is also User:IceBite's most-used quick-mission Captain in Spore: Galactic Adventures, along with Adamantine Paladin, from Hellcat Squadran.
  • Zodark's name is a play on the name 'Zodiark', an Esper from Final Fantasy XII. Zodiark, aka the Keeper of Precepts, is the Esper of Darkness, and the most powerful of the Espers. In the storyline, it is said that Zodiark governs the laws (or Precepts) of reality.

early version of Zodark, without Mask