Zapper Art
Vital statistics
Range Long
Genesis Type Mini Icon Light
Class Icon rank minion
Invasion Variant Ultra Zapper
Apocalypse Variant Zapper Epsilon
Zappers are Light Minions from Spectorium. As their name suggests, they zap their opponents with lightning-fast laser beams.


Spectorium, from which the zappers hail, used to be a paradise. Now, that the Darkspore are ruling the planet, the paradise became a hell. Zappers were once humble omnivores, living near energy rivers in Spectorium's endless maze. Now, they are gifted with the power to emit laser beams, that slice up their targets. When in flocks, they pose an even larger threat. The more they are, the more powerful their lasers become.

Behaviour, Attacks and TraitsEdit

  • Somewhat slow for a Minion
  • Ranged laser attack
  • Increased Damage Output, if multiple Zappers are in vicinity
  • Multiple Zappers create a cluster for maximized damage

Download FilesEdit

ZapperUltra ZapperZapper Epsilon


Zappers, all by themselves, are nearly harmless, since their laser attack won't do much damage. If there are multiple Zappers converging on a single target, however, it becomes a completely different story. The Minions' Laser Attack deals more damage, the more they are. It is exactly why Zappers tend to form tight clusters in order to supercharge their lasers.

Eyno, the Snow Sniper is a relatively good hero, when fighting Zappers. His Passive, Bullseye, increases his Crit Rating, making practically all his projectiles, that hit the Zappers, deal a Crit. Eyno's Unique Ability, Double Gun, halves the cooldown of his Basic Attack, Ice Bullet, making it a deadly combo.

A way of countering Zappers is using AoEs, as they cluster themselves. Tempests are mostly recommended because of their natural high Resist Rating. A good hero to use in such conditions would be Noreas, the Planetary Polluter. His Basic Attack will inflict a Poison on each enemy hit, his Unique Ability enables him to poison all Zappers in one shot, ensuring quick kills.



  • These enemies are NOT to be mistaken with Zapper, the Light Swordmaster.
  • Their ability to increase damage depending on their number bears a resemblance of the "Group Haste" Ability seen on Strafing Drakons.