CRE -0d7096f1 sml
Vital statistics
Range Long
Genesis Type Moramquantum mini icon
Class Icon rank minion
Invasion Variant Temporashifter
Apocalypse Variant Chronoshifter
Timeshifters are ranged Quantum Minions from Protaxx that give all Darkspore within a short range a speed boost, and slow all Heroes .


Timeshifters were herd animals from Protaxx with a limited control of time before the Darkspore invason. The corupted E-DNA only built on those charactaristics, making them able to speed up other Darkspore and slow down threats. This, plus there herd instinct, makes them a real pain, because if there are a lot of them in one place time will slow drastically for the threats (Heroes).

Behaviour, Attacks and TraitsEdit

  • Has a ranged attack that deals Energy damage
  • Fires to shots a once
  • Has an Aura that speeds up other Darkspore
  • Has an Aura that Slows enemies


Timeshifters have a ranged attack that fires two shots at the same time, dealing a small amount of Energy damage per shot. They have an aura that will speed up other Darkspore, giving them the same glow as the Timeshifters, and slow Heroes. They have a somewhat small amount of health, so if you can get close to them with a Sentinel, it is easy to kill them. However this can be difficult, because they try to stay away from Heroes, yet in range. Another way to beat them is to get them away from the group, as their ability only works on other Darkspore close to them. A good way to get close to them is to use a Hero with a Teleport/Charge attack.



  • Timeshifters are different from most M.Quantum characters, as they still have control of Time.
  • They also differ from other M.Quantum creatures, as they do not possess the EM bondings for limbs seen on other characters of this Genesis Type.