Stone Dragon
Stone Dragon
Vital statistics
Range Melee
Genesis Type Mini Icon Geo
Class Icon rank lieutenant
Invasion Variant Rock Dragon
Apocalypse Variant Mountain Dragon
Stone Dragons are Geo Lieutenants from the Nerix Planetoid Complex. These Darkspore attack with their claws and razor-sharp teeth, but watch out, because their rocky skin reduces incoming damage.


Stone Dragons were once solitary creatures living in the nothern polar circle of the Complex. The Darkspore mutated these glorious creatures into murderous predators. Even though the mutation left them with no wings, which they once possessed, the dragons now employ death through their claws and fangs. They became quickly deadly, because their hardened skin was nearly immune to injuries and wounds of any kind.

Behaviour, Attacks and TraitsEdit

  • Fast for a Lieutenant
  • Melee Attacks with claws and teeth
  • Takes reduced damage
  • Furiously attack enemy units

Download FilesEdit

Stone Dragon Rock Dragon Mountain Dragon (1)


Note: Strategy described is used only with heroes from Darkspore: Operation Ulozc.

Stone Dragons are insanely dangerous Darkspore. First off, they are quite fast (for a Lieutenant), making them horribly difficult to kill from long range. Their attacks deal medium-high physical damage, making them skilled melee fighters. Even high-healthed Sentinels, like Zebin or Heebrot, would be faced with a great trouble, as the dragons not only have a relatively high pool of Health, but they also have an Armored Affix, meaning they take reduced damage.

Heroes with low Cooldowns of Basic Attacks, like Jira, Nacco and Umbrium are advised as they can make quick work of the Lieutenant, but the player should really watch the HP Reserves of their hero.

Another choice of Heroes could be Evachelor, the Avian Nightmare. His high mobility makes it easier for him to outrun the dragon in order to pick it off with his Basic Attack or his Unique Ability, Nitrous Attack.



  • Stone Dragons have Magnos' feet and the "Maccobjaw" mouth from Spore C&C Parts Pack.
  • All variants of the Stone Dragon have the "Soulless" eye from Spore C&C.
  • Rock Dragons have the "Beefteef" mouth from Spore C&C and Blitz's/Krel's feet.
  • Mountain Dragons have the "Chomposaurus" mouth from Spore C&C and Wraith's feet.
  • The appearance of their Invasion Variant, the Rock Dragons, are based from the Earth Dragon "Rocky" from the LEGO Ninjago series. Note: the posture stays the same.
  • The appearance of the Rock Dragon's Apocalypse Variant, the Mountain Dragon, is practically based off of the Mountain Dragon breed from an iPhone App called DragonVale. Note: the posture is still the same as the original Stone Dragon.