Steam Smasher
CRE Steam Walker-0e7ff2a9 sml
Vital statistics
Range Melee and Medium
Genesis Type Mini Icon Mormanium Cyber
Class Icon rank lieutenant
Invasion Variant Spanner Smasher
Apocalypse Variant Springwound Smasher
Steam Smashers are Cyber Liuetenants from Parvul. They use their piledriver legs to knock Heroes flying.


Large machines had for most of its history built the steamworks of Parvul. One of the harder jobs was the building of foundations, driving metal rods deep into bedrock. This was the job of the Steam Smashers, until the Darkspore mutated them into seismic killers, using their piledrivers to turn victims into grease spots.

Behavior, Attacks And TraitsEdit

  • Seismic stomp attack that Knocks back Heroes from a range
  • Smashes targets into the ground
  • Large