Snow Crawler
Snow Crawler Art
Vital statistics
Range Melee
Genesis Type Mini Icon Ice
Class Icon rank minion
Invasion Variant N/A
Apocalypse Variant N/A
Snow Crawlers are Ice Minions from Eldris. These Minions are spawned during battle with Crinnus, the Glacial Behemoth, the Ice Destructor. Snow Crawlers have simple melee attacks, but they stubbornly follow enemy units.



Behaviour, Attacks and TraitsEdit

  • Medium-fast enemies
  • Melee Attacks
  • Relentlessly follow heroes
  • Spawned by Crinnus


Snow Crawlers are dangerous enemies, if left unchecked. These Minions will be spawned during battle with Crinnus. Once, they're spawned and target a hero, they will relentlessly chase after the hero. Once they're within melee range, they'll start slashing the hero with their feet or biting them. Keep in mind, that Snow Crawlers keep spawning and, if you ignore them for too long, you'll find yourself trapped by hordes of these things.

A method to take out the Snow Crawlers during battle with Crinnus in 4-player Co-op, would be that two of the players would focus on the Destructor, while the other two keep the Spawns occupied. A good way in taking out Snow Crawlers is to pick them off with either AoE's or quick "one by one". Umbrium's Lightspeed can be a quick way to deal with multiple Snow Crawlers in a straight line. Gemox's Basic Attack, Blaster Drill, will deal great AoE Damage, ensuring many kills with no Power Cost at all.



  • Frozen Fiend Onslaught2

    Crogenitor SkyGrexor first design.

    Snow Crawlers are some of the unique Minions, that are not encountered on the ordinary level, but are faced, when fighting a Destructor.
  • They have Savage's head and feet.
  • The Snow Crawler's appearance was designed by Crogenitor SkyGrexor. Her first design was called a "Frozen Fiend", which was bipedal.
  • Snow Crawlers are spawned by Crinnus, the Glacial Behemoth.