Sir Rage
Sir Rage Pose
I am Sir Reginald, the duke of Chaughtney.
Vital statistics
Title The Red Duke
Gender Male
Crogenitor Revo
Genesis Type Mini Icon Arcane
Class Icon sentinel
Weapons Red Sword
Basic Attack Red Slash
Unique Ability Crimson Cleave
Squad Ability Amber Mantle
Passive Ability Crimson Chivalry
Alpha Ability Crippling Slash
Beta Ability Power Slap
Gamma Abiltiy Aetheral Plating
Delta Ability Will-O-Wisp
Sir Rage,the Red Duke, is an Arcane Sentinel that focusses on destruction of armored oppenents.

Base StatsEdit

Variant Alpha Beta Gamma Delta
Health 325 315 330 305
Power 110 109 111 115
Strength 25 23 26 21
Dexterity 15 18 13 14
Mind 10 9 11 15
Crit Rating 110 122 102 106
Dodge Rating 140 158 128 134
Resist Rating 110 104 116 140


Sir Rage is one of the most misunderstood and mistrusted Heroes from Pemnost. He killed off dozens of resistance fighters, and comanded the killing of hundreds more.

Sir Rage began as Sir Reginald, a pompus duke of a fiefdom that was quickly overrun by Darkspore. He became a steward to a castle that Revo owned, using it as a base of attack. Eventualy, the Crogenitors sent a crack squad of Heroes to break the defences. They couldn't get in, and the attack turned into a siege.

Finally Joek came, hoping to destroy the whole building in one giant explosion but as he was readying himself, the Darkspore poured out of the fortress running from a sword wielding knight who had an unrivaled power with the blade.

Upon the end of the of the battle, Sir Reginald, covered in blood, came to the Crogenitor's camp, and explained how Revo had seen Joek and said that the siege had to end, that the Duke must help his fellow Arcane being. Hearing this the Crogenitores named him Sir Rage, the Red Duke.


Though Reginald was on the fat side, Sir Rage is the perfect knight, strong and muscular. He wears plate armor and wields a sword and shield. An older Pemnosti, his teeth have grown fairly long, and his skin is a rough grey.

Sir KnightSir Knight (1)Sir Knight (2)Sir Knight (3)


Basic Attack: Red SlashEdit

Range: 3 meters

Cooldown: 0.7 seconds

Cast Type: Instant

Sir Rage attacks with his sword, dealing 9-15 Physical damage to a single target. On the fourth attack, he spins, dealing 5-10 damage to all adjacient enemies.

Unique Ability: Crimson CleaveEdit

Range: 6 meters

Cooldown: 5 seconds

Cast Type: Instant

Power Cost: 16

Sir Rage's sword glows and he swings it in an arc, dealing 10-23 Physical damage to all enemies in front of him. This attack isn't affected by affixes such as Armored or Carapace.

Squad Ability: Amber MantleEdit

Range: Self

Cooldown: 14 seconds

Cast Type: Instant

Power Cost: 20

Sir Rage gains a 15% boost to speed and a 30% boost to Basic Attack damage. His basic attack gains a Knockback buff that is proportioned to his Strength score. There is no delay between Knockbacks. This Buff lasts fo 20 seconds.


  • Sir Rage's Amber Mantle: No Knockback but increased damage. (Zorksian's Affix)
  • Sir Rage's Amber Mantle: The buff changes to 10% boost to speed, 35% boost to damage. (Tolap's Affix)

Passive Ability: Crimson ChivalryEdit

Due to his expert knowledge of the blade, and his willingness to pass it on, all Melee attacks made Within 20m of Sir Rage gain a 15% Attack Speed buff.


The buff increases to 30%.

Variant Abilities:Edit

Alpha - Crippling SlashEdit

CRE Sir Knight-0d5f4d43 sml
Range: 3 meters

Cooldown: 7 seconds

Cast Type: Instant

Power Cost: 10

The user attacks with his weapon, dealing 10-25 Physical damage and slowing the target to 75% normal movement speed.

Beta - Power SlapEdit

CRE Sir Knight-0d5f4d44 sml
Range: 20 meters

Cooldown: 5 seconds

Cast Type: Instant

Power Cost: 6

A large hand of arcane energy forms near the target and hits it from behind, dealing 6-20 Physical damage.

Gamma - Ethereal PlatingEdit

CRE Sir Knight-0d5f4d47 sml
Range: N/A

Cooldown: 8 seconds

Cast Type: Instant

Power Cost: 13

Creates armor from arcane energy that deflects all incoming projectiles for 9 seconds.

Delta - Will-O-WispEdit

CRE Sir Knight-0d7096ed sml
Range: 30 meters

Cooldown: 9 seconds

Cast Type: Instant

Power Cost: 7

Creates an area of glittering lights that lasts for 7 seconds that Dazzles any enemies that enter it.


  • Sir Reginald is the name of a character in Disney's Robin Hood.