CRE Scolcalta, Butcher of the Wind-0df3d257 ful
"Perish beneath the wind"
Vital statistics
Title Butcher of the Wind
Genesis Type File:Mini Icon Mortaero.png [Icon Pending]
Class Icon rank destructor
Planet Armuet
Basic Attack Night Slash
Ability 1 Plague of Weakening
Ability 2 Nightly Illusion
Ability 3 Tornado Wrath
Ability 4 Darkness Cyclone
Scolcalta, Butcher of the Wind, is a Mortaero Destructor of Armuet. Scolcalta is also one of the Wind Beings of Destruction.


Scolcalta was once a massive dragon that roamed Armuent, spreading chaos all over the planet. 

After centuries of destruction, she vanished from the dark planet when she was last seen with Holath, the Night Slayer. Many believed this hero slayed the mighty Scolcalta, but that was half true. the creature after she perished was taken by the Hybrid Corruptor, bringing the deadly beast back to life as well as making stronger than it was centuries ago. Raging again, Scolcalta decimated the land as well as doing the Corruptor a favor, mutating creatures that inhabit the land. 

Behaviour, Attacks and TraitsEdit

  • All composed of bones. She tends to spin her joints, especially her head to make her look vicious.
  • Night Slash: Using dark power, she slashes with her claws.
  • Plague of Weakening: Weakens its foe to 75% max. health.
  • Nightly Illusion: Created copies of itself, but only one is real.
  • Tornado Wrath: Generates small dark Tornadoes that suck enemies towards it.
  • Darkness Cyclone: Generates large dark-clouded cyclone.

Downloadable FilesEdit

Scolcalta, Butcher of the WindScolcalta, Butcher of the Wind (1)Scolcalta, Butcher of the Wind (2)


HELIX SpeechEdit



Scolcalta is the Boss that dwells in the the dusky clifs of Arnuet. The arriving act she does is coming out of nowhere and growls at the enemies in front of her. She then turns her head and roars. Thought her structure seems very fragile, her bones are made with strong chemicals to stay in structure.







  • The mask that Scolcalta has in the spore creation is both Nashira's and Orcus's.
  • Scolcalta is one of the 9 Wind Beings of Destruction that deals with Necro and Aero abilities.
  • Scolcalta's Nightly Illusion is similar to Nashira's ability to duplicate itself.