CRE Revo-0e75974d sml
"A sparkle here, a dead body there..."
Vital statistics
Title The Mad
Genesis Type Mini Icon Arcane
Class Icon rank destructor
Planet Pemnost
Basic Attack Halberd Slash
Ability 1 Halberd Sweep
Ability 2 Invincibility Cloak
Ability 3 Were-Lights
Ability 4 Knife Volley

Revo, the Mad is the Arcane Destructor fought on Pemnost.


Revo is the Crogenitor responsible for the finding of Arcanegenesis. He is also the strangest Destructor known.

Revo was the analog to an intern in Crogenitor society, having been sent to the galactic backwater of Pemnost to see if he could find one useful thing on the planet. Revo found much more than that, but only after the Darkspore flooded the galaxy.

Soon after, he was infected,and became known as Revo the Mad, or just Revo Mad for short. Revo, though he became a Destructor, never made anything that would hurt his beloved genesis, making him far from useful to the Darkspore hordes. Merak even went so far as to say, "Revo is less useful than a three legged Heedless Mongrel."

Revo wasn't completly ineffectual however, he had the only knowledge of the Arcane. He would often use the werelights covering his armor to befundle unknowing Heroes, leading them into ambushes. He had a specific vendeta against Sage for razing one of his favorite citadels.

Behaviour, Attacks and TraitsEdit

  • Deals heavy Physical damage with his halberd
  • Knocks Heroes flying with his halberd
  • Gains invulnerability by wraping himself in his cloak(Invasion & Apocalypse only)
  • Spawns 3-6 werelights when he is wrapped which Dazzle Heroes if they get too close(Invasion & Apocalypse only)
  • Throws 10-25 knives when Heroes get out of Melee range(Apocalypse Only)


Fighting Revo can get interesting. He will fight you even if you are using an Arcane Hero, contrary to the Lore, but throughout the battle he will ask you why you fight him. He will normaly just swing his halberd at nearby Heroes, adding werelight attacks whenever a Hero deals a Critical hit.



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