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The oldest Scout there is.
Vital statistics
Range Long
Genesis Type Mini Icon Hero Scout
Class Mini Icon Arcane
Gender Male
Subclass Stalker
Sorcery Blast Weapon #1, or Magus, is an Arcane Hero Scout that you could encounter on Pemnost.





Behaviour, Attacks and TraitsEdit

  • Channels to throw high damage energy bolts
  • Creates Dazzling zones when attacked in melee
  • Runs from Lieutenants


Magus is one of the slowest Hero Scouts in the game,not that it will be a problem unless you are using a Ravager. Magus is still a Scout and as such is quite fast, and can easly stay with a Sentinel or Tempest. You just have to make sure you don't lose track of him when he tries to lead you to Obelisks.

Magus' basic attack is the tossing of energy bolts that deal high Energy damage. The only problem is that he Channels to do so, leaving his offensive abilities a bit lacking. His Special Ability si to summon a field of lights that Dazzle all enemies in it. He only uses this ability when he is attacked in melee.



  • Magus is the same race as Jest.