Klomstak, the Abyssal Warlord
CRE Klomstak, the Abyssal Warmaster-0da3d18b sml
Vital statistics
Title The Abyssal Warlord
Gender Male
Crogenitor Aqidran
Genesis Type Mini Icon Aqua
Class Icon sentinel
Weapons Ocean Pincers
Basic Attack Abyssal Blow
Unique Ability Maritime Spike
Squad Ability Underground Water
Passive Ability The Eternal Youth
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Klomstak, the Abyssal Warlord is aa Aqua Sentinel from Hydor.


Klomstak was a lord that dominated cities and towns with justice to everyone. He was claimed as the best lord of all times, the one who protected each city he owned with all his efforts...

No one really knew that he was really a criminal of the deeps .He won most of the elections by buying votes until a policial squad arrested him and his companions when the police discovered Klomstak stealing money to buy the votes.

He was sentenced to 12 years in prison by sabotage, but he was lucky he was only one year in prison, because the Darkspore arrived.

Crogenitor Aqidan freed him for prison and muted Klomstak to a warrior with the power of control the abyssal waters and tides, and the ability of regenerate himself.

Now he is also a lord.An abyssal warlord.An abyssal warlord who could destroy the darkspore with the powers of water and with abyssal force.


Basic Ability:Abyssal BlowEdit

Range: 3 meters

Cooldown: 1.02 seconds

Cast type: Instant

"Klomstak swings his ocean pincer, damaging all enemies within range for 10-13 .Every sixth swing, he picks a enemy with the pincer and smashes him to the ground"

Unique Ability: Maritime SpikeEdit

Range: 20 meters

Cooldown: 9 seconds

Cast type: Channeled

Power cost: 13

"Klomstak sumons various spikes from the ground that deal 21-25 damage.At the end of the channel, all spikes that hit a enemy will be fuisoned in a bigger one that can be thrown for 1-2 (increases its damage depending on the enemies it hit) damage inflicting a powerful slow"