CRE Jex-0f5c23d8 sml
Wanna' see me juggle?
Vital statistics
Title The Court Fool
Gender Male
Crogenitor Revo
Genesis Type Mini Icon Arcane
Class Icon ravager
Weapons Juggling Orbs
Basic Attack Orb Assault
Unique Ability Knife Juggle
Squad Ability Fool's Call
Passive Ability Jester's Orbs
Alpha Ability Power Slap
Beta Ability Crippling Slash
Gamma Abiltiy Aetheral Plating
Delta Ability Will-O-Wisp
Jest, the Court Fool, is an Arcane Ravager that uses the abilities of a jester to destroy the hordes.

Base StatsEdit

Variant Alpha Beta Gamma Delta
Health 225 235 215 220
Power 110 111 114 116
Strength 15 17 13 14
Dexterity 25 22 23 20
Mind 10 11 14 16
Crit Rating 200 188 192 180
Dodge Rating 300 282 288 270
Resist Rating 110 116 134 146


The crazy cackling of Jest was a deathknell to the Darkspore by the end of the war, and a supreme understatement of Crogenitor Revo's insanity.

Jest began his career as destroyer of Darkspore as a street urchin in the area surrounding Revo's complex, living off of the food he was able to beg from the populace. He eventually saw that people would pay to see a decent performance, so he taught himself all sorts of tricks, juggling, slight of hand, even singing and dancing.

One month, a troop of Revo's favorite performers was killed by highway-men. This was a major inconveanience for the Crogenitor, but a boon to Jest. Revo sent out some of his underlings to find some new entertainment, and though people told him not to, Jest went with them. He struck Revo's fancy and soon was going to the Crogenitor's citadel frequently.

As with anything that strikes a Crogenitor's fancy, Jest was tested,covertly, to see if his genetic makeup was one of high quality. It was and further more, it held the same possibility that Revo had seen in many Pemnosti, the ability to shift from the usual biological DNA to a form that could only be called magical. After testing on wildlife, Revo decided to have the first sentient test subject be Jest, who would come later that week.

He gave Jest a new set of juggling orbs, "As a gift" he said. The orbs had been covered in a chemical that made them addicting for Jest to use, and Jest seemed to always be doing so, he became so enamored that he even kept them in bed with him. The other thing Revo had put on them was a retro-virus that slowly reformed Jest's DNA to its Arcane form. One day, while performing a scit for Revo, Jest started giggling and laughing uncontrolibly and pasted out, still laughing quietly. The chemicals on the orbs had finished thier work, but there was also a side effect. Jest felt so euphoric when he was touching the orbs that he couldn't stop laughing, and he would never let go of his "Orbs of Power", leaving him in a eternal laughing fit. His Arcane power mostly gravitated toward these Orbs, making them glow and shock any but him.

The Dakspore came with a vegence, and Revo joined them, telling Jest that if he didn't join too that his Orbs would be taken away. Jest thought that he had been mutated enough times for his liking and escaped, vowing to cure the being that had given him a life off the streets, even if it had been as the Court Fool.


Jest is not of the same species as Joek and Sir Rage, and is more avian in form. He has a bird beak with a bony plate covering much of his head. He walks on his upper limbs and has mands on his lower ones, giving him a unique stance. He mostly wears rags except for a set of improvised armor on his chest and shoulders. He also wears the hat of a jester with pride and still carries the juggling orbs Revo gave him.

JexJex (1)Jex (2)Jex (3)


Basic Attack: Orb AssaultEdit

Range: 15 meters
Cooldown: 0.4
Cast Type:Instant

Jest attacks with his orbs, dealing 3-10 Energy damage to a single target.

Unique Ability: Knife JuggleEdit

Range: 30 meters

Cooldown: 4 seconds

Cast Type: Instant

Power Cost: 10

Jest throws a set of 5 knives in a 5 meter cone, each knife can go through multiple targets, dealing each 7-18 Physical to each target, with farther targets taking less damage.

Squad Ability: Fool's CallEdit

Range: 12 meters

Cooldown: 8 seconds

Cast Type: Instant

Power Cost: 15

Jest lets out a raucous laugh, Taunting all enemies in a 12m radius for 5 seconds. Jest also gains a 75% bonus to Dodge for 10 seconds.


  • Jest's Fool's Call: Jest gains a 75% bonus to Resist instead of Dodge.(Sool's Affix)
  • Jest's Fool's Call: Enemies are Stunned instead of Taunted.(Mooky's Affix)

Passive Ability: Jesters OrbsEdit

Jest gets bored sitting around and pulls out his third orb to amuse himself by juggling. Therefor, every 5 seconds that Jest doesn't move, the orbs will give him an aura that deals 5-10 Energy damage to all enemies who touch him, he then puts the third orb away until he gets bored again.

Variant AbilitiesEdit

Alpha - Power SlapEdit

CRE Jex-0dbbd103 sml
Range: 20 meters

Cooldown: 5 seconds

Cast Type: Instant

Power Cost: 6

A large hand of arcane energy forms near the target and hits it from behind, dealing 6-20 Physical damage.

Beta - Crippling Slash
CRE Jex-0dbbd104 sml
Range: 3 meters

Cooldown: 7 seconds

Cast Type: Instant

Power Cost: 10

The user attacks with his weapon, dealing 10-25 Physical damage and slowing the target to 75% normal movement speed.

Gamma - Ethereal Plating
CRE Jex-0dbbd105 sml
Range: N/A

Cooldown: 8 seconds

Cast Type: Instant

Power Cost: 13

Creates armor from arcane energy that deflects all incoming projectiles for 9 seconds.

Delta - Will-O-Wisp
CRE Jex-0dbbd106 sml
Range: 30 meters

Cooldown: 9 seconds

Cast Type: Instant

Power Cost: 7

Creates an area of glittering lights that lasts for 7 seconds that Dazzles any enemies that enter it.