Onslaught variant of a Glyder


Glyders are smart, fierce, and strong-willed. Even though they were the main attack force of the Darkspore assults on Planet Aeratii and backup on Nocturna, their strong wills allowed some of them to break free from their E-DNA's control, alowing them to attack their true enemies: The Darkspore. Sad thing is, these 'moments of freedom' rarely lasted more than a minute.


  • Gust attack, damages lightly, homes to target, and briefly slows anyone hit.
  • 2 or more of them can create a tornado around a player, giving them a second class - Operative.
  • Fast and agile, with high dodge.
  • Low-ish base health and defense.
  • Able to pursue heroes across cliffs and gaps.
  • Deadly on nocturna.
  • Strong enough to control their E-DNA...temporarily.


  • Fins let them fly...somehow.
  • The name "Glyder" is a corruption of the word glider, referencing their aerogenetic abilities.
  • The Serrated Glyder has parts from the Custom Parts Pack Vol. 1 mod.

Variants (All PNGs loadable with Dark Injection and Custom Parts Pack vol. 1)Edit