CRE Galico, the Glacial Breaker α-0eed2434 ful
Vital statistics
Title The Glacial Breaker
Gender Male
Crogenitor Kylmund
Genesis Type Mini Icon Ice
Class Icon ravager
Weapons Ice-Hooks
Basic Attack Cryo-Slash
Unique Ability Iceberg Break
Squad Ability Icicle Spheres
Passive Ability Frost Frenzy
Alpha Ability Icicle Barrage
Beta Ability Glide Field
Gamma Abiltiy Ice Storm
Delta Ability Freezing Burst

Galico, the Glacial Breaker is an Ice Ravager from Eldris.


It started off a sketch of an Ice Genesis Lieutenant enemy, then soon, realizing that it looked more of a hero. Later after the sketch, Galico was created in Dark Injection.


Default Drop Loot Cash-Out Apocalypse Apoc. Cash-Out


Defult Ice-Hooks Item

Frozen Claws

Drop Loot Frozen-Claws Item

Glacial Blades

Cashout Glacial-Blades Item

Shivering Razors

Cashout Rareified Shivering-Razors Item

Blizzard Scythes

Cashout Pureified Blizzard-Scythes Item

Base StatsEdit

Variants AlphaAlpha BetaBeta GammaGamma DeltaDelta
Health 200 210 180 210
Power 100 100 100 100
Strength N/A N/A N/A N/A
Dexterity N/A N/A N/A N/A
Mind N/A N/A N/A N/A
Crit Rating 95 80 115 110
Dodge Rating 150 150 150 150
Resist Rating 50 50 50 50


[Does not have a lore yet...]


Galico looks like a prehistoric creature made with some rocky components. On the body, he has Icicles shooting out of his sholders and back. He wears a pair of blades made for slicing and dicing ice and of course, Darkspore.

Download FilesEdit

Galico, the Glacial Breaker αGalico, the Glacial Breaker βGalico, the Glacial Breaker γGalico, the Glacial Breaker δ


Basic Attack: Cryo-SlashEdit

Range: 3 meters

Cooldown: 0.5 seconds

Cast Type: Instant

Galico stabs the target with one of his blades, dealing 17 physical damage.

Icicle Break2Unique Ability: Iceberg BreakEdit

Range: 20 meters

Cooldown: 5 seconds

Cast Type: Instant

Power Cost: 27

Galico summons a giant Iceberg, dealing 10 physical damage per second imediately and then an additional future damage from an enemy affected by Frostbite.

Squad Ability: Icicle SpheresEdit

Range: 26 meters

Cooldown: 17 seconds

Cast Type: Instant

Power Cost: 17

Hurls spheres of ice that deals 12-15 energy damage. Has a chance of slowing the target.


  • Galico's Icicle Spheres: Gives an additional 25% chance of freezing an enemy.
  • Galico's Icicle Spheres: Hurls twice as much ice spheres, but increases cooldown.

Passive Ability: Frost FrenzyEdit

Every time Galico deals damage to an enemy, they are affected with Frostbite, dealing additional damage per second. This can stack up to 5 times.



Variant Abilities:Edit

Alpha - Icicle Barrage
CRE Galico, the Glacial Breaker α-0eed2434 ful

Range: 14 meters

Cooldown: 14 seconds

Cast Type: Instant

Power Cost: 15

Summons giant icicles out of the ground in a 10m radius. Icicles will appear randomly and affect a 3m radius, once they appear. Any enemy caught by any of these icicles is dealt 14-17 Physical Damage. Enemies can be hit twice under the duration of the barrage. The barrage lasts 10 seconds.

Beta - Glide Field
CRE Galico, the Glacial Breaker β-0eed2436 ful

Range: 22 meters

Cooldown: 16 seconds

Cast Type: Instant

Power Cost: 18

Creates a field of blank ice in a 14m radius, that lasts for 10 seconds. Allies on the field, will have their Movement Speed increased by 20%, while enemies inside the field will slide uncontrollably on the ice.

Gamma - Ice Storm
CRE Galico, the Glacial Breaker γ-0eed2435 ful

Range: 26 meters

Cooldown: 16 seconds

Cast Type: Instant

Power Cost: 16

Creates an ice torrent in a 7m radius, that deals 10-14 Energy Damage and slows enemies inside by 25%.

Delta - Freezing Burst
CRE Galico, the Glacial Breaker δ-0eed2437 ful

Range: 20 meters

Cooldown: 14 seconds

Cast Type: Instant

Power Cost: 18

Releases a wave of cryokinetic energy going in a tight spread cone, that deals 3-8 Energy Damage and freezes enemies hit for 12 seconds.