Furnack Pose
Vital statistics
Title The Sacred Fire
Gender Male
Crogenitor Ptyron
Genesis Type Icon type plasma
Class Icon tempest
Weapons Pyretic Pack
Basic Attack Flaming Throw
Unique Ability Infernal Whirl
Squad Ability Pyro-Leap
Passive Ability Holy Blaze
Alpha Ability Flame Surge
Beta Ability Meteor Strike
Gamma Abiltiy Electron Sphere
Delta Ability Webbed Lightning
Furnack, the Sacred Fire is a Plasma Tempest from Cryos. His attacks are all fire-based, making him a flaming alien of death.


Early concepts came to be in July 2011. Final visualizations and abilities were made utilizing Dark Injection V6.01.


Furnack's main weapon is his fiery backpack, while he usually "brings the rain" with his Pyro Gauntlets located on his forearms.

Default Drop-loot Cashout Apoc Cashout Apoc
Heat Pack Pyro-Container Magma Hold Volcano Bag Pyrokinetic Load

Base StatsEdit


Alpha Beta Gamma Delta
Health 160 165 170 155
Power 149 150 148 149
Strength 12 13 14 11
Dexterity 13 12 13 15
Mind 24 25 23 24
Crit Rating 102 98 102 110
Dodge Rating 128 122 128 140
Resist Rating 294 300 288 294


During the flourishing of civilization on Cryos after the seemingly eternal ice age, Furnack was one of the militia guarding the Cryosi society. His species' naturally occuring fire powers made him completely suited for commanding. His main task was protecting the giant bunker-city from criminals and beasts.

Furnack's most famous catch was that of personally hunting down a lonely gangster throughout the urban areas. After a great fight, Furnack won by immobilizing his fiend in flames and then litterally throwing him to the jail cell. That prisoner would one day become the legendary Genetic Hero known as Zrin, the Sun Fist.

The day the Darkspore attacked Cryos, Furnack, along with his elite warriors, guarded the city. Then, the slaughter began. The Darkspore invaded the city and, though he stood tall, Furnack was unable to prevent the city's infiltration and destruction. All of his fellow warriors were killed in battle, while he himself was lying on the ground, slowly dying from his wounds.

As he lay there about to die, a tall masked creature appeared to him in a flash. Seeing Furnack's desperation, the creature teleported himself and Furnack's body to a bunker inside a glacier and placed the warrior in a tank filled with liquid.

The only things Furnack remembered of his trasformation was the silhouette of his savior, then great heat and pain. When Furnack finally regained conciousness, he stood up, while no one was in sight. Crogenitor Ptyron was simply gone.

When he went outside, the chill made his hidden ability immediately activate. It was the ability of harmlessly igniting his own body to the level that when someone touched him, they'd start to burn away. The Darkspore soon found him, but the mutants were unable to kill him, nor from melee range, neither with long-range weaponry. His pyrokinetic abilities earned him respect from surviving Cryosi, who worshipped him for his powers and valor. And thus, Furnack became the beacon of hope to all who wished upon defeat of the Darkspore.


Furnack is an armored humanoid being completely engulfed in fire. His leg structure is very odd, digitigrade legs bending to form a semi-circular shape.

Download FilesEdit

FurnackFurnack (Beta)Furnack (Gamma)Furnack (Delta)


Note: All Ability Performance displayed is based on the stats of Furnack Alpha.

Basic Attack: Flaming ThrowEdit

Range: 28 meters

Cooldown: 0.6 seconds

Cast Type: Instant

Launches a sphere of red-hot plasma, that deals 7-9 energy damage and burns the target. Burned enemies will take 5 energy damage over 5 seconds. The burn stacks up to three times.

Unique Ability: Infernal WhirlEdit

Range: Self

Cooldown: 17 seconds

Cast Type: Channeled

Power Cost: 21

Releases a continous cloud of fire for 6 seconds in a 10m radius around Furnack. Enemies inside the cloud will have their incoming healing reduced by 40% for the next 10 seconds and will take 10-15 / 11-15 / 10-14 / 10-15 energy damage per second. Enemies that are burned will take 30% more damage.

Squad Ability: Pyro-LeapEdit

Range: 30 meters

Cooldown: 29 seconds

Cast Type: Instant

Power Cost: 26

Furnack runs 8m in a straight path dealing 8-10 / 9-11 / 7-9 / 8-10 physical damage to all enemies in his way as well as burning them, dealing 10 energy damage over 2 seconds. After running, he jumps to the targeted point, dealing 20 / 21 / 19 / 20 physical damage in a 2m radius upon impact and releases a burst of fire, that deals 30-32 / 31-33 / 29-32 / 30-32 energy damage in a 6m radius. Enemies hit by the burst will burn and take 24 energy damage over 6 seconds.


  • Furnack's Pyro-Leap: Inflicts Energy Vulnerability instead of Burn. (Nitro's Affix)
  • Furnack's Pyro-Leap: Jumps instantly to targeted point, dealing more damage. (Pyro's Affix)

Passive Ability: Holy BlazeEdit

Furnack's fiery skin grants partial protection from damage. Any enemies, that attack him with a melee attack, will be inflicted with a Burn that deals 25 energy damage over 5 seconds.


The burn now deals 50 damage over 5 seconds as well as inflicting the burned enemy with a permanent 24% Energy Vulnerability.

Variant Abilities:Edit

Alpha - Flame SurgeEdit

Range: ?? meters

Cooldown: ?? seconds

Cast Type: Instant

Power Cost: ??


Beta - Meteor StrikeEdit

Range: ?? meters

Cooldown: ?? seconds

Cast Type: Instant

Power Cost: ??


Gamma - Electron SphereEdit

Range: ?? meters

Cooldown: ?? seconds

Cast Type: Instant

Power Cost: ??


Delta - Webbed LightningEdit

Range: ?? meters

Cooldown: ?? seconds

Cast Type: Instant

Power Cost: ??




  • Furnack's name is a play on the word "furnace".
  • Furnack is the first non-canon Plasma Hero created by Matvakama after the Plasma Sentinel called Theder, the Ampereal Shredder.
  • His original inpiration was from William Furno, one of the main characters of the LEGO franchise called Hero Factory.
  • Furnack was the one to catch and throw Zrin to jail.
  • Furanck's species is called the Ignisian.
  • He has a scar on his waist.
  • Vocalization: Crackling sounds like burning wood. Occasionally a geyser-resemblant sound.