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"NO! Blitz is red, Dravis is green!"
Vital statistics
Title The Shadowwood Avenger
Gender Male
Crogenitor Zodark
Genesis Type Icon type bio
Class Icon ravager
Weapons Blades
Basic Attack Crunch and Slash
Unique Ability Raptor's Charge
Squad Ability Call of the Pack
Passive Ability Camoflage
Alpha Ability Enrage
Beta Ability Healing Sprite
Gamma Abiltiy Roar of Derision
Delta Ability Virulent Vines



Dravis was a hunter of the night, a vicious, wild beast native to Nocturna. He was a powerful creature, capable of killing the largest beast, and protecting his kill from the largest packs of monsters. However, when the Darkspore came, Dravis found himself outmatched.

Dravis soon found himself being ravaged by the Darkspore mutation, and knew his days were almost at an end. After fighting the mutation for days, he gave up, and readied himself to succumb.

That moment was not to happen.

Next thing the predator knew, his mutations were reversed, as the stabilized E-DNA warred with the Darkspore E-DNA within him. From outside his tank, he could see several unusual creatures watching him: a 2-legged, no-armed cyborg, a multi-legged, somewhat-familiar-looking creature, a reptilian, lance-handed cyborg, and, at the head of the group, a large, masked, hook-handed creature with technology and decaying flesh on his body. The creature soon released him, and, chattering unintelligable words to the reptile-cyborg, sent himself, the cyborg, and a tripod-legged, bug-mandibled creature back to Nocturna. For some reason, Dravis could now see ooze leaking from his claws, and his skin rippled with some form of hyper-chromatophores. With these and more new tools, including a more advanced mind, Dravis now hunted a new prey: the Darkspore Hordes that would dare try to make him one of their own.


Crunch and Slash (Basic Attack)Edit

Raptor's Charge (Unique Ability)Edit

Call of the Pack (Squad Ability)Edit

Camoflage (Passive Ability)Edit

Enrage (Alpha Variant Ability)Edit

Healing Sprite (Beta Variant Ability)Edit

Roar of Derision (Gamma Variant Ability)Edit

Virulent Vines (Delta Variant Ability)Edit