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Here, you can make your own Fanfiction for the game Darkspore. This includes custom Crogenitors, made-up Genetic Heroes, fan-made Darkspore, and even new worlds and Genesis Types.

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The Wiki already contains many new custom Genesis Types, Classes, and Heroes. Please take a look around to see how to make a Hero or Enemy page. A list of the Heroes will take volumes, but here is a couple lists of the new Genesis Types and Classes.

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TEKK-240, the Minesweeper is a Cyber Tempest from Infinity. After lying almost dead, suffocating from Infinity's pollution, Suzu healed him and encased him in a robotic suit. His title is based on his ability to deactivate enemy traps, mines and turrets. Read more...

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Reverse Contest 2013
Darkspore Fanfiction is starting off the new year with a contest, reversing the status of heroes and destructors for a special fan-made expansion. See contest details at Reverse Contest 2013.