Darkspore: Operation Ulozc is a fan-made expansion pack taking place 3 years after the Corruptor's defeat on Scaldron. five new Genesis Types have been discovered in a nieghboring galaxy, which is currently infested with Darkspore.


The Crogenitors rid their galaxy from the Darkspore completely, but barely three years after Xylan's defeat, they recieve a distress video message, regarding Crogenitors, that have settled in a neighborhood galaxy called the Ulozc Galaxy. The message contained information about some weird DNA virus spreading in their galaxy, either killing or mutating the affected ones. The Darkspore. Wanting to end the conflict once and for all, the Crogenitors race through the Galactic Core to travel to the Ulozc Galaxy and, with their experience against Xylan and his hordes, arrive to help their surviving brethren erase the Darkspore from history.


6 new planets

  • Eldris (home of Icegenesis)
  • Spectorium (home of Lightgenesis)
  • Hydor (home of Aquagenesis)
  • Oxydian (home of Aerogenesis)
  • Nerix Planetoid Complex (home of Geogenesis)
  • Inmo (the planet with all Genesis Types)

5 new genesis types: Ice, Aqua, Aero, Geo and Light

A total of 120 all-new heroes in the new Genesis Types (Variants included in the number)

6 new Destructors

72 new Captains

55 new Minions

5 new Operatives

30 new Lieutenants

A MOBA-style mode in PvP

Special Arenas with enemies from a single Genesis Type: How many can you defeat in 5 minutes?


  1. Sharps, the Frost Mage - Ice Tempest
  2. Sarima, the Daybringer - Light Tempest
  3. Brok, the Marine Brawler - Aqua Sentinel
  4. Keryl, the Diamond Destroyer - Geo Ravager
  5. Sheero, the Hurricane Summoner - Aero Tempest
  6. Takuut, the Spectral Lord - Light Sentinel
  7. Jira, the Icicle Fencer - Ice Ravager
  8. Gari, the Continent Hauler - Aqua Sentinel
  9. Sik, the Puppet Master - Light Sentinel
  10. Gemox, the Blaster Miner - Geo Tempest
  11. Umbrium, the Lightspeed Guardian - Light Ravager
  12. Agibor, the Wind Rider - Aero Ravager
  13. Noreas, the Atmospheric Polluter - Aero Tempest
  14. Eyno, the Snow Sniper - Ice Ravager
  15. Shab, the Freeze Darter - Ice Sentinel
  16. Krimm, the Rolling Rampage - Geo Sentinel
  17. Nacco, the Talon Speeder - Aqua Ravager
  18. Volca, the Cryotic Death - Ice Tempest
  19. Vatam, the Whirlwind Sentry - Aero Sentinel
  20. Unok, the Laser Arrow - Light Tempest
  21. Evachelor, the Avian Nightmare - Aero Ravager
  22. Tever, the Demolishor - Geo Sentinel
  23. Qobi, the Knight of the Reefs - Aqua Tempest
  24. Porack, the Crystal Digger - Geo Ravager
  25. Duna, the Ocean Protector - Aqua Tempest
  26. Fedrol, the Desert Shaman - Geo Tempest
  27. Heebrot, the Arctic Stalker - Ice Sentinel
  28. Harda, the Shooter of Peace - Light Ravager
  29. Zebin, the Aerial Marshal - Aero Sentinel
  30. Waxy, the Storm Sweeper - Aqua Ravager

Enemies and CrogenitorsEdit

Ice GenesisMini Icon IceEdit

Onslaught Variant Invasion Variant Apocalypse Variant

Icicle Nail

Icicle Blade Icicle Dagger

Ice Extractor

Ice Raiser Ice Impaler


Slizer Pro Slizer Extreme


Nipping Freezebreath Polar Freezebreath

Ice Drifter

Glacial Drifter Arctic Drifter


Glaciantron Tau Glaciantron Fi


Cryowaver Snow Cryowaver Blizzard

Snow Tracker

Snow Stalker Snow Hunter

Floe Lobber

Floe Thrower Floe Catapult

Polar Killer

Polar Exterminator Polar Eradicator

Chill Worm

Kibe Worm Frostbite Worm

Icicler (spawn)

(same in all levels) (same in all levels)

Snow Crawler (spawn)

(same in all levels) (same in all levels)

Onslaught Variant Invasion Variant Apocalypse Variant


Frustor Zeta Frustor Beta


Ice Arctin Blizzard Arctin


Cryosaur Omega Cryosaurus Rex

Cooling Mender

Cooling Healer Cooling Regenerator


Trembling Avalancher Rampaging Avalancher


Frostbiter Rampage Frostbiter Ravage

Onslaught Variant Invasion Variant Apocalypse Variant

Cryotic Jailer

Cryotic Arrester Cryotic Assasin
  • (spawns Ice Minions called "Iciclers")

Name and Title Creature Variant

Planet & Sector

Affixes Difficulty Mode

Flac, the Thundering Blizzard


Eldris, Volcanic Canyon

Unstoppable, Surefooted Onslaught

Sillik, the Icy Erdicator


Eldris, Magma Creek

Shielded, Tough Onslaught

Frozarc, the Arctic Rampage


Eldris, Scorched Pits

Deadly, Deadly Aura


Macier, the Kibing Assaulter

Cooling Mender

Eldris, Hellfire Forest

Armored, Frenzied Onslaught
Crydlak, the Chilling Phantom Frostbiter

Inmo, Botanic Altitude

Tough, Ghostly Onslaught

Antarctis, the Blizzard Master

Ice Arctin

Eldris, Hellfire Forest

Shielded, Tough, Shielded Aura

Crius, the Frigid Menace

Cryosaur Omega

Eldris, Magma Creek

Deadly, Deadly Aura, Frenzied

Khulus, the Refresher

Cooling Healer

Eldris, Volcanic Canyon

Armored, Frenzied, Tough

Suukora, the Superior

Frustor Zeta

Eldris, Scorched Pits

Unstoppable, Unstoppable Aura, Surefooted

Isckri, the Sub-Zero Rage

Frostbiter Rampage

Inmo, Ravaged City

Tough, Ghostly, Ghostly Aura

Ikkakus, the Lethal Claw

Cryosaurus Rex

Eldris, Hellfire Forest

Deadly, Deadly Aura, Frenzied, Swift

Antarctos, the Blizzard's Wrath

Blizzard Arctin

Eldris, Volcanic Canyon

Shielded, Shielded Aura, Tough, Accurate

Frysiddicus, the Unstoppable Snowstorm

Frustor Beta

Eldris, Scorched Pits

Unstoppable, Unstoppable Aura, Surefooted, Surefooted Aura

Bosh, the Chillbringer

Cooling Regenerator

Eldris, Magma Creek

Armored, Frenzied Tough, Unstoppable

Zodius, the Great Freeze

Frostbiter Ravage

Inmo, Bionic Tower

Tough, Ghostly, Ghostly Aura, Persistent


Light GenesisMini Icon LightEdit

Onslaught Variant Invasion Variant Apocalypse Variant


Ultra Zapper Zapper Epsilon


Irradiator V Irradiator X

UV Dazer

X-Ray Dazer Gamma Dazer

Laser Claw

Laser Blade Laser Scythe

Photon Gun

Photon Cannon

Photon Turret

Blinking Menace

Flashing Menace

Flashing Threat

Blinding Striker

Blinding Hunter Blinding Predator


Ultra Pulsar Pulsar Terra

Solar Burster (spawn)

(same in all levels) (same in all levels)

Light Leech

Light Drainer Light Siphon

Sun Blaster

Star Blaster Nova Blaster

Spectrum Mirror

Spectrum Lens

Spectrum Ray

Onslaught Variant Invasion Variant Apocalypse Variant

Lunar Shriek

Solar Shriek Stellar Shriek

Clawed Spectre

Slashing Spectre Piercing Spectre

Spectrum Slasher

Spectrum Shredder Spectrum Dissector

Infrared Detector

Ultraviolet Detector Gamma Detector
Electromagnetic Igniter Infrared Igniter

Gamma Ray Igniter


Blinder Sigma

Blinder Gamma

Onslaught Variant Invasion Variant Apocalypse Variant

Shadowy Blinder

Shadowy Dazer Shadowy Killer

Name & Title Creature Variant Planet & Sector Affixes

Difficulty Mode

Luna, the Scream of the Stars Lunar Shriek Spectorium, Stellar Maze Shifted, Frenzied Onslaught
Spectre, the Uncatchable Destroyer Clawed Spectre Spectorium, Prismatic Valley Swift, Shielded Onslaught
Arcus, the Rainbow Terror Spectrum Slasher Spectorium, Mirror Caves Accurate, Reflective Onslaught
Helios, the Superheater Infrared Detector Spectorium, Photon Cove Surefooted, Tough Onslaught
Selene, the Deafening Ghoul Solar Shriek Spectorium, Mirror Caves Shifted, Frenzied, Shifted Aura


Guei, the Invincible Devastator Slashing Spectre Spectorium, Stellar Maze Swift, Shielded, Persistent


Tianshi, the Reflector Spectrum Shredder Spectorium, Photon Cove Accurate, Reflective, Reflective Aura


Anichneftis, the Lethal Radiation Ultraviolet Detector Spectorium, Prismatic Valley Surefooted, Tough, Deadly


Astaeri, the Lumination of Doom Stellar Shriek Spectorium, Photon Cove Shifted, Frenzied, Shifted Aura, Accurate


Uriel, the Unbeatable Annihilator Piercing Spectre Spectorium, Mirror Caves Swift, Shielded, Persistent, Persistent Aura


Ureus, the Madman of Spectrums Spectrum Dissector Spectorium, Prismatic Valley Accurate, Reflective, Reflective Aura, Frenzied


Luminus, the Irradiator Gamma Detector Spectorium, Stellar Maze Surefooted, Tough, Deadly, Spiky


Aqua GenesisMini Icon AquaEdit

Onslaught Variant Invasion Variant Apcalypse Variant

Mariana Claw

Mariana Pincer Mariana Guillotine

Bubble Blaster

Bubble Gun Bubble Cannon
Condensator Supreme Condensator

Alpha Condensator

Tide Changer Tide Shifter

Tide Swapper

Aquatic Blade Aquatic Saber

Aquatic Rapier

Hydro-Brute Hydro-Brute 2.0

Lead Hydro-Brute

Laurentian Swiftstrike Manila Swiftstrike

Mariana Swiftstrike

Splasher Waving Splasher

Splasher Storm

Watery Knocker Niagara Knocker

Tugela Knocker

Razor Fin (spawn)

(same in all levels)

(same in all levels)


Vapourizer Iota Vapourizer Zeta

Water Spirit

Lake Spirit Sea Spirit

Onslaught Variant Invasion Variant Apocalypse Variant
Hydrogen Brawler

Hydrogen Smasher

Aqua Smasher

Whirling Wrecker

Gale Wrecker Maelstrom Wrecker

Moist Giant

Moist Behemoth Fog Behemoth

Marine Cleanser

Sea Cleanser Oceanic Cleanser


Dehydrator Ypsilon Dehydrator Delta


Ebbicon Alpha Floodicon

Onslaught Variant Invasion Variant Apocalypse Variant
Maw Imprisoner Pit Imprisoner

Trench Imprisoner

Geo GenesisMini Icon GeoEdit

Onslaught Variant Invasion Variant Apocalypse Variant

Sand Twister

Dune Twister Desert Twister

Mineral Bender

Mineral Mender Mineral Reclaimer

Rock Roller

Big Rock Roller Superior Rock Roller

Sapphire Brute

Ruby Brute Diamond Brute

Seismic Knocker

Seismic Divider Seismic Destroyer

Quake Breaker

Seismic Breaker Richter Breaker

Burrowing Menace

Mining Menace Drilling Menace


Driller Gamma Magnetite Driller

Desert Brawler

Desert Fighter Desert Warrior

Dune Dweller (spawn)

(same in all levels) (same in all levels)


Scopio Tau Scopio V12


Scorpiod Zoresk Commanding Zoresk

Onslaught Variant Invasion Variant Apocalypse Variant

Stone Dragon

Rock Dragon Mountain Dragon


Runemade Golem Eternal Golem


Earthshocker Zeta Earthshocker Omega

Dust Stormer

Sand Stormer Desert Stormer

Blasting Digger

Bursting Digger Superior Digger

Iron Hedge

Tungsten Hedge

Platinum Hedge

Onslaught Variant Invasion Variant Apocalypse Variant


Magnetiser II Alpha Magnetiser

Aero Genesis25px-Icon AirEdit

Onslaught Variant Invasion Variant Apocalypse Variant


Wind-Blow Hurricane-Blow


Typhoon Katrina Typhoon Delta

Aerial Saber

Aerial Swordmaster Aerial Slasher


Tornador Eta Tornador Enigma

Air Bolt

Pressed Bolt Turbo Bolt

Swirling Storm

Whirling Storm Hurricane Storm


Nitro Barrage Nitro-Wave


Ventus Xi Ventus Gamma


Decompressor Recompressor

Stormer (spawn)

(same in all modes) (same in all modes)

Onslaught Variant Invasion Variant Apocalypse Variant


Oxydizer Psi Oxydizer Sigma

Whirlwind Streaker

Windstorm Streaker Hurricane Streaker


Hyperpresser Ultrapresser

Wind Spirit

Gale Spirit Wind Demon
Avian Killer

Avian Striker

Avian Berserker
Vacuum Vortex

Inhaling Vortex

Whirlwind Vortex
Onslaught Variant Invasion Variant Apocalypse Variant
Storm Eye Vortex Eye Hurricane Eye

  • Specialist Crogenitor