Cytorgordar, Freezer of the Wind
Vital statistics
Range Melee and Long
Genesis Type [pending]
Class Icon rank destructor
Invasion Variant Cytorgordar, Freezer of the Wind(Same)
Apocalypse Variant Cytorgordar, Freezer of the Wind(Same)
Cytorgordar, Freezer of the Wind, is a Chiono Destructor of [planet unknown]. Cytorgordar is also on of the Wind Beings of Destruction.



Behaviour, Attacks and TraitsEdit

  • Large Glacial-like wings and sharp claws with the middle claw longer than the the rest.
  • Creates Large glacial pillars that damage the enemies nearby.
  • Summons a tornado blizzard that may Freeze its enemies.
  • ??

Download FileEdit

Cytorgordar, Glacial of the Wind


CRE Cytorgordar, Glacial of the Wind-0e2df175 ful

Onslaught Variant




  • Cytorgordar is one of the 9 Wind Beings of Destruction that deals with Ice and Aero abilities.
  • The arms of Cytorgordar is relative to the IcyFire Caster's ice arm.
  • From the previous sketch of Cytorgordar, his wings were more folded. With still some of the detail transfered, most of it was the same or improved.