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"Blarg. Blarg blarg blarg, BLARG!"
Vital statistics
Title The Umburian Raptor
Gender Male
Crogenitor Zodark
Genesis Type Icon type necro
Class Icon ravager
Weapons Sword
Basic Attack Raider's Rapier
Unique Ability Necro-Tech
Squad Ability Dark Aura
Passive Ability Reaver's Aura
Alpha Ability Affliction Bolt
Beta Ability Phantom Charge
Gamma Abiltiy Soul Link
Delta Ability Lifeforce Siphon



A voracious predator, Corvus hunted his quarry across Verdanth. One of many Verdanthi to have gone feral, Corvus managed to bring down every target he could find, except for the powerful Savage, who was protected from Corvus by Crogenitor Astra.

However, he would soon meet his true match: the Darkspore.

When the Darkspore arrived, Corvus did manage to defeat one, only to make the foolish mistake of trying to consume it, thereby intaking E-DNA.

However, before the E-DNA could take effect, he soon found himself in a lab, watched over by a masked creature. For the first time in Corvus's life, he thought. The masked individual gave him true sentience, and a large arsenal of Necro Abilities to boot.

Now, he stalks the Darkspore, consuming and terrorizing them, like a beast of the night. So was born the Umburian Raptor.


Raider's Rapier (Basic Attack)Edit

Necro-Tech (Unique Ability)Edit

Dark Aura (Squad Ability)Edit

Random attacks of random energy damage, ranging from x to x occur in the area of effect. Must have a target.

Reaver's Aura (Passive Ability)Edit

Affliction Bolt (Alpha Variant Ability)Edit

Phantom Charge (Beta Variant Ability)Edit

Soul Link (Gamma Variant Ability)Edit

Lifeforce Siphon (Delta Variant Ability)Edit


  • Corvus's Squad Ability, Dark Aura, is based off of an ability from Final Fantasy XII of the same name, function, and appearance.
  • 'Umburian' comes from the Latin word 'Umbra' or 'ghost/shadow', meaning that Corvus's name translates to 'Corvus, the Ghostly Raptor'.
Corvus, the Umburian Raptor

Corvus's Original appearance