CRE COW-V62, Mech of the Wind-0eed2431 ful
Vital statistics
Title Mech of the Wind
Genesis Type File:Mini Icon Audio.png [Icon Pending]
Class Icon rank destructor
Planet Fonatyx
Basic Attack
Ability 1
Ability 2
Ability 3
Ability 4
COW-V62, Mech of the Wind, is a Audio Destructor of Fonatyx. COW-V62 is also on of the Wind Beings of Destruction.



Behaviour, Attacks and TraitsEdit

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Downloadable FilesEdit

COW-V62, Mech of the Wind (2)COW-V62, Mech of the Wind (3)COW-V62, Mech of the Wind (4)


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COW-V62 hovers down to the ground level. He still hovers above the field.


COV-V62 is fought on very unstable terrain. He can fly over obstacles that Heroes have to walk around, allowing COW-V62 to ambush heroes. He will drop bombs on heroes. While hovering above the field, he will always be out of reach of Melee Heroes. Stuns and Dazes will cause him to hover lower. Slows will also cause COW-V62 to hover lower. Stuns will always be able to get COW-V62 into melee range. Taking damage will also cause COW-V62 to hover lower.

COW-V62 will also fire arrows at Heroes. At half health, he will take off to the skies and barrage the entire field with a storm of bombs and arrows.


The rotors start malfunctioning, causing COW-V62 to spiral out of control. When he's high up, the two big rotors explode, the fire consuming the Destructor, while the pieces of his body fall to the ground along with the mask.



  • From the name COW-V62, COW is abriviated from "Cyber of Wind."
  • COW-V62 is one of the 9 Wind Beings of Destruction that deals with Cyber and Aero abilities.