CRE Biacant, Vine of the Wind-0e759a75 ful
Vital statistics
Title Vine of the Wind
Genesis Type [pending]
Class Icon rank destructor
Planet Ornitis
Basic Attack Wind-Forest Punch
Ability 1 Forest Shockwave
Ability 2 Devororing Life
Ability 3 Aviatic Vines
Ability 4 Wind Thornado
Biacant, Vine of the Wind, is a Avia Destructor of Ornitis. Biacant is also on of the Wind Beings of Destruction.



Behaviour and TraitsEdit

  • It may at sometimes sound like a Gorilla.


  • Basic Attack "Wind-Forest Punch": Occasionally punches using his large fists at his target.
  • Ability #1 "Forest Shockwave": Slams his fists on the ground, creating a masive shockwave that deals masive damage if not avoided.
  • Ability #2 "Devororing Life": Spawns minions and occasionally eats them to self enrage himself, the buff also heals occasionally
  • Ability #3 "Aviatic Vines": Generates a wirlwind arround itself and sends large vines to shoot out around itself (similar to Orcus)
  • Ability #4 "Wind Thornado": Generates a large tornado of sharp vines and leaves.

Download FilesEdit

Biacant, Vine of the Wind





  • Biacant is one of the 9 Wind Beings of Destruction that deals with Bio and Aero abilities.
  • Biacant's wings are made of the strongest leaves.
  • Before Biacant's visual was posted, it was thought out to be a destructor with wings as a cape. Afterwards, it was changed and so did the gender.
  • Biacant looks more of a biotic Gorilla.