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"What, you blame me for the electrical problems?"
Vital statistics
Range Medium
Genesis Type Icon type plasma
Class Mini Icon Hero Scout
Gender Male
Subclass Hunter
Static Discharge weapon #5, or Bazeck, is a Plasma Hero Scout that you could encounter on Cryos or Nocturna.


Bazeck began as a Cryosi family pet, running to fetch small items for his masters. Then Crogenitor Ptyron came looking for him, saying he had been tasked with finding the last surviving Power Hound. He explained to the distraught owners that Bazeck was in need of protection, there was some kind of virus running through the galaxy and Bazeck was the last piece in a long puzzle of Plasmagenetic research. The owners of Bazeck reluctantly released Bazeck into the care of Ptyron.

The story of the research was a lie, but the fact that Bazeck was the last Power Hound was true, as was the existance of the Darkspore virus. Crogenitor Ptyron needed Bazeck not for research, but for intel. Bazeck soon found himself transfected and sent to the front lines of the opening skirmishes, one of which resulted in the scaring of his right eye. He watched as the Darkspore grew out of control, and watched the leader of the Crogenitor Insurgency be put into cryo-sleep. He was then told, along with his friend Bruteccuss, to continue the fight covertly, and to gather more of the Scout Core to help the Heroes when they awoke.


Bazeck is a small black and red creature with a doggish head. He has crystals growing out of his back and arms that crackle with electricity. His right eye has been damaged, leaving major scarring.

Behaviour, Attacks and TraitsEdit

  • Throws lightning daggers
  • Channels to create a field of lightning
  • Runs from lieutenants


Bazec is one of the more useful Scouts, being able to Shock any thing he hits. His Basic Attack is to throw lightning daggers from his arms and back, these deal medium Energy damage to a single target. In Apoc form he throws five piercing lightning bolts. His Special Ability is an AoE which he Channels for 1 second, then a field of lightning radiates 10 meters from him Shocking all targets. He will only use this Ability when there are 4 or more targets in range.



  • Bazeck works often with Blitz.